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8 Friends Of Beauty

8 Friends Of Beauty

I am sure you are pretty familiar with the below-listed plants and natural means, but do you actually know, for example, what natural anti-aging effect they can have on your skin?
Following 8 Friends of Beauty are:

1.Grape-stone oil

Grape-stone oil contains plenty of Vitamin E – a natural antioxidant, which acts as a natural “youth keeper.” The best way to use it is to pour two or three drops of this oil into your facial cream before use.


Camomile has an anti-inflammatory effect, softens and disinfects the skin. Make camomile-water or broth, and rinse your hair with it – it will have a great effect right from the first time, so is perfect hair care for natural hair.


Parsley stretches the flabby skin parts and whitens the freckles. Drop some lemon juice into the parsley-water and freeze it in form of ice-cubes. Clean your face with these cubes every morning.


Horsetail is rich with vitamin C and fastens the regeneration of the skin cells, thus it is a good natural anti-aging product. Make steam-baths for your face and neck skin, with the horse-tail water.


Lavender freshens the skin and flatters the wrinkles. It is among the best anti-aging products. Add a couple of lavender drops into the water when you take a bath.


Elderberry flowers brighten the skin and have a good effect on pigment problems on any part of your body.


Rosemary can help you fight cellulite. Add rosemary oil into your massage gel, and rub it for 2-3 minutes every day. This is the best skin care for aging skin.

8.Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar contains beta carotene – one of the strongest anti-oxidant products that prevent your skin from early aging. Add a tablespoon of apple vinegar and a spoon of honey into a glass of water. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

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