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Best Blush For Your Skin Tone

Best Blush For Your Skin Tone

To have an attractive face there are many tools to choose from, but blush can be a real weapon if you choose the best blush for your skin tone.

There are many types of blushes and even more, shades to choose from, so you needn’t necessarily choose the one your friend has. Even if you have many things in common your skin types might be absolutely different.

I’ll give you some beauty make up tips for choosing the right type of blushes and in my next post read tips for choosing the right shade.

Powder blush

Doing Makeup

This is ideal for oily skin but suits other skin types too. The secret of long-lasting color is in this blush type. Another tip for an attractive face — apply it with a brush or sponge. To have a better result apply it after your powder.

Cream blush

Cream Blush

This is perfect for dry skin types. It has more intense shade as compared with a powder blush. Apply it with fingers for a better result and necessarily after foundation, but before face powder.

Gel blush

gel blush

This is also a great blush formula. Works well on oily and normal skin. You should apply it by fingers or sponge. Gel blushes last longer and some are water-resistant. Gel blushes should be applied either over foundation or on natural skin.

Tint blush

tint blush

This is great for long lasting effect. The sheer color is not disappearing until you wash it off. Beauty make up tips are warning that you should be fast and smart enough while applying tint blushes because they dry too fast.

Cheek pencils

cheek pencils

These are ideal for beginners, who don’t know where to apply the blush. I don’t recommend people who have oily skin to use it.



These makeup products are great for night parties, they give a kind of light gleam to your face. You can apply them not only on your cheeks but also on the forehead, in the inner corners of your eyes and even on the cleavage too.



These makeup products are a great choice for darker skins because they give them a sexy natural look.

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