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How To Cure Oily Skin

How To Cure Oily Skin

Oily skin is a real disaster for its owner. How often have you passed by a reflective surface and noticed that horrifying oily shine on your face? Oily skin is caused by many factors, such as wrong skincare products, wrong nutrition, hormonal background, and of course heredity. Generally, it is impossible to completely free yourself of oily skin to cure, but you can make it less oily and healthier.

Oily Skin

if you follow these skin beauty tips:

1. Wash Your Face Properly.

washing Face

It is desirable that you wash it three times a day, but if you don’t manage to do so, wash it at least twice a day – in the morning and before you go to sleep. Cleaning your makeup and daily dirt is vital in fighting against oily skin, so no matter how tired you return home, never ignore that important procedure.

2. Natural Skin Care Products

Natural Products

Try using natural skin care products in your skincare routine. Natural products, if selected correctly, are excellent for balancing skin and making it healthier. Also, you need to use an astringent that contains acetone. Alcohol or witch hazel will also work great for that aim. One of the best natural skincare products for oily skin is alcohol mixed with lime and cucumber juice. Use this as an astringent and soon your skin will become much healthier.

3. Use Only Water-Based Cosmetic Products

Water Cosmectics

Use only water-based cosmetic products, for oil-based ones will cause excessive oil. As a makeup base use powder, rather than crème. You can apply some baby powder on your face before doing makeup, as it absorbs oil better than any other makeup. Thanks to this your skin will look normal for a longer time.

4. Live Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

No matter how hard you try, if you want to have healthy beautiful skin, you can’t avoid daily exercise. Exercising improves blood flow and opens pores. Also, consider a healthy diet, eat more vegetable food, and eat fewer animal fats. If you can’t refuse from junk food at least bring its use to a minimum.

By following these simple skin beauty tips you will see your skin become healthier and less oily even sooner than you could expect.

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