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Right Choice Perfume

Right Choice Perfume

Christian Dior once said that

woman’s perfume can tell more about her than her handwriting.

Christian Dior

When you go to some party, official meeting, or just to hang out with friends, you carefully choose your clothing, do your hair, and put a proper make-up. Another thing you need to choose carefully on each occasion is your perfume. It will serve as a final touch to accomplish the image you are in.

Right Choice Perfume

In this post I’ll provide you with some tips that will help you choose the right perfume for each occasion:

Any light fragrance will do for your everyday perfume.

Right Choice Perfumes for Office and Workplace

Right Choice Perfumes

Avoid using too sweet or heavy floral scents at your office and workplace, since they will make you seem less professional. In this respect, Max Mara Women by Max Mara and Burberry London is quite neutral fragrances that will be perfect for your workplace.

Right Choice Perfumes for Official Meetings

Right Choice Perfumes

For the official meetings, use a perfume with a strong deodorizer component, so that to block the odor of your own body. Very Valentino by Valentino, Vera Wang, Salvatore Ferragamo, and the Chanel fragrances are very elegant and will be right to the point.

Right Choice Perfumes for Picnic

Right Choice Perfumes

When going to a picnic, use fresh and delicate fragrances. They will make you feel closer to nature and give you a pleasant feeling of freedom. Be Delicious by DKNY, Armand Basi in Red or Burberry Weekend will be a good choice.

Perfumes for Party

Right Choice Perfumes

Party is the high time for a good show off, so try to choose something emphasizing your individuality. Use some “loud fragrance” that will single you out and intrigue those surrounding you. Armani Code by Giorgio Armani with the notes of Jasmine and bitter orange in combination with honey and vanilla will emphasize your personality and leave an impression of daring beauty.No one will remain indifferent to For Her by Narciso Rodriguez. This is an amazing fragrance, even a hypnotizing one, I would say. Musk, vanilla, wood, orange blossom, and honey flower create a contradictory, exciting, and enchanting fragrance making you seem somewhat enigmatic.

Perfumes for Dating

Right Choice Perfumes

When thinking about a fragrance for dating, remember that floral aromas will attract your partner. They may have a strong binding effect, which is desirable for such occasions. Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf–one of the best perfumes for women, I think–will be perfect for a date. The notes of tea, jasmine, bergamot, freesia, patchouli, and centifolia rose in this perfume will make you intriguingly sweet and desirable for your partner.

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